Meeting Growing Energy Demands

First Solar’s utility-scale projects boast up to 10 percent more energy in real world conditions and stable grid integration. Plus, no other solar module has more certifications ensuring reliability and stability in the field.

Leaders in integrating solar and the grid

With several gigawatts of First Solar advanced thin film technology connected to the grid, our utility customers benefit from advanced plant control features that help actively stabilize the electricity grid.

First PV Power Plant Quality Certified by VDE

Continuing the company’s legacy of reliability and quality, First Solar was the first PV solar power plant certified by VDE Institute. Its Quality Tested Certification assures a reduction of risk over the lifetime of the asset.

The VDE Institute and Fraunhofer ISE have established this certification as a benchmark utilizing more than 300 specific test points in four key areas including:

  • Electrical and mechanical safety of the system
  • System performance through a highly accurate energy yield report
  • Proper system operation
  • Independent verification for investors, lenders, insurance companies and other stakeholders