The Leader in Sustainable Solar Energy

First Solar provides the industry’s leading eco-efficient PV solutions which generate more energy at a competitive cost with the smallest environmental impact. We’re committed to sustainable PV manufacturing, responsible construction practices and minimizing the environmental impacts of our products across their life cycle, from raw material sourcing through end-of-life recycling.


First Solar is proud to join RE100 as a testament to our commitment of leading the world’s sustainability energy future.

Learn more about our promise to go 100% renewable by 2028.

Lowest Environmental Impact in the Solar Industry

Smallest Carbon Footprint

Our mission is to create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean, affordable solar electricity. First Solar technology displaces 89-98 percent of greenhouse gas emissions when replacing energy yielded by conventional generation. Our thin film PV technology has approximately half the carbon footprint of conventional crystalline silicon PV modules.

Fastest Energy Payback

Energy payback time is the amount of time a system must operate to recover the energy required to produce it. No solar technology recoups this energy output faster than First Solar.

Lowest Water Use

First Solar understands that water scarcity is a problem affecting millions. That’s why we’ve reduced our manufacturing water consumption per-watt-produced by nearly 30 percent since 2009. Unlike conventional energy sources and concentrated solar power (CSP), First Solar modules do not require water to generate electricity during operation.

A Clear Social Impact Across the Globe

First Solar partners with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through our Global Charitable Giving Program to provide green education programs, financial contributions, training and expertise, as well as module donations aimed at providing access to clean energy and drinking water.*

Local Giving

First Solar sites around the world are allocating funds specifically for small, area-specific charitable donations. For more information on local giving, please contact us.

Industry Leading Economic Impact

First Solar remains one of the world’s most bankable solar companies with the strongest balance sheet in the industry. We are creating enduring economic value by focusing on providing PV solar energy solutions to key geographic markets that we believe have a compelling need for mass-scale PV electricity, including markets throughout the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

*The First Solar Charitable Fund is administered through the Toledo Community Foundation, our fiscal agent for charitable giving and other philanthropic activities.