Our Commitment

At First Solar, we have long understood that we have a responsibility towards our planet, our communities, and our customers. This responsibility drives our sense of purpose – “the why” that inspires every one of our thousands of employees worldwide who have committed themselves to our journey to lead the world’s sustainable energy future. 

Since the beginning, we have placed sustainability at the heart of everything we do, focused not on meeting industry standards, but exceeding them and setting new ones. This is why we have a long history of establishing benchmarks in recycling, supply chain transparency, the carbon and water footprint of our technology, and health and safety.

We’re driven not by awards or recognition but by a desire to make better solar. Solar that doesn’t pay lip service to sustainability but embodies it. Solar that considers the social and environmental impacts, and works hard to make people’s lives healthier. Solar that has no tolerance for the use of forced labor either in its manufacturing or its supply chain. Solar that meaningfully supports the fight against climate change.

We call it Responsible Solar.

And each day, thousands of our employees make the most of their day so businesses and communities around the world can make the most of the lowest carbon solar electricity generated by responsibly-manufactured solar technology.

Thank you for being part of our journey. 

Mark Widmar,

Chief Executive Officer