First Solar’s Commitment to Responsible Solar

First Solar has long understood its responsibility towards the planet, the community, and its customers. 

The company places sustainability at the heart of everything it does, setting its sights on exceeding industry standards, not merely meeting them.

Today, First Solar has a long history of establishing benchmarks in recycling, supply chain transparency, the carbon and water footprint of photovoltaic (PV) technology, and health and safety.

First Solar is driven by a desire to make better solar:

  • Solar that does not pay lip service to sustainability but embodies it.
  • Solar that considers the social and environmental impacts and works hard to make people’s lives healthier.
  • Solar that has no tolerance for the use of forced labor either in its manufacturing or its supply chain.
  • Solar that meaningfully supports the fight against climate change.

This is Responsible Solar.

Each day, thousands of First Solar employees invest their time, ingenuity, and dedication to producing solar technology that upholds these values.