Easily See How Much Energy Your Site Can Produce

PlantAdvise is a simple, yet powerful online tool that lets you design your site and calculate your energy capacity in just minutes.


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  • 2. Plot Your Site
  • 3. Configure the Site
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Get Started with Basic

With PlantAdvise Basic, start viewing your capacity results immediately.

  • Plot your site
  • Adjust anticipated build dates
  • View capacity results and first year energy yields

Move On to PlantAdvise Advanced

Includes all the features of basic and:

  • Access to improved, high-precision weather data from Meteonorm
  • Comparisons of the performance of First Solar’s Series 4™ CdTe Solar Modules and standard Polycrystalline silicon solar modules
  • In-depth data including GHI, DHI, average efficiency, anticipated revenue and more
  • Ability to upload and save KMZ files of your site
  • Full PDF assessment of your results
  • Download of First Solar engineering document packages to reference for your own project design

Go Advanced


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