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First Solar remains a trusted and reliable partner, delivering high-quality, high-performance, eco-efficient PV modules that enable our customers’ success, while standing by our commitments. With one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, our clients receive some of the most bankable modules available today, backed by robust warranties and consistent post-sales service. There is no greater proof of this than the 1,500 megawatts of First Solar modules installed in over 400 projects in France over the past decade. 

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20+ Yearsof reliable performance

AA Ratedtier 1 manufacturer

2.5Xlower carbon footprint

1stEPEAT rated PV module

Most Eco-Efficient PV Technology

For more than 20 years, First Solar has pushed the leading edge of PV thin film technology to boost efficiency and lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Today, First Solar Series 6 and Series 6 Plus photovoltaic (PV) modules set the industry benchmark for reliable energy production, optimized design and environmental performance. 

First Solar technology advantages:

  • Proven record of long-term reliability
  • 0,3% Industry-leading warranted degradation rate 
  • Superior temperature coefficient and spectral response 
  • No power loss from LiD or LeTID
  • Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking
  • Industry’s best environmental profile with the lowest carbon footprint
  • Responsibly manufactured with 100% traceable QA/QC

Unrivaled Quality and Reliability

As one of the most tested and reliable in the industry, First Solar’s thin film PV technology sets the benchmark for quality. Backed by more than 20 years and 25,000MW of field experience, First Solar’s customers can be confident in their technology investment. First Solar has one manufacturing process and a single set of product specifications for bill of materials (BoM) resulting in a tightly controlled, consistently manufactured, high-quality product.

Lowest Carbon Solar

First Solar’s industry-leading eco-efficiency means superior energy yield and competitive costs with the lowest life cycle environmental impacts. With the lowest carbon footprint of any PV module available today, First Solar PV technology is ideally suited for the French market.

First Solar is the only PV manufacturer today with an industry-leading recycling program enabling a circular economy, derisking end-of-life decommissioning, lowering the total cost of PV system ownership and meeting the requirements of EU legislative obligations (WEEE Directive).

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Sustainability Advantage Brochure - EN

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Learn how First Solar PV technology will deliver a superior return on your energy investment with higher yields, reduced risk and a lower LCOE. For more information, contact us and let’s start the conversation.


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