The World’s Most Powerful Thin Film Module to Date

For 20+ years, First Solar has pushed the leading edge of PV thin film technology to boost efficiency and lower LCOE. Now, First Solar Series 6 CuRe modules, with optimized design and true semiconductor innovation, delivers the lowest warranted degradation rate and highest life-time energy for large-scale solar projects.

Highest Lifetime Energy


Lowest Warranted Degradation Rate

Series 6 CuRe modules boast the industry’s best 0.2% warranted long-term degradation rate resulting in a lower LCOE ($/MWh) and a higher Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Temperature Coefficient  

Superior Temperature Coefficient & Spectral Response

With an industry-leading temperature coefficient of -0.28%/ ˚C and superior spectral response behavior (compared to c-Si panels) provides up to 4% more annual energy in high humidity conditions.

Shading Response  

Superior Shading Response

A distinct cell design renders Series 6 CuRe modules less sensitive to power loss from shading. Silicon panels have a disproportionately large section of the panel (both shaded and non-shaded) shut off due to their electrical design. In Series 6 CuRe modules, only the shaded area is impacted.

Immune to Cell Cracking  

Inherent Immunity to Cell-Cracking, LiD and LeTID

Series 6 CuRe modules are highly resistant to glass breakage and inherently immune to cell-cracking. Backed by an industry-leading hail impact certification and the only product warranty specific to power loss from cell-cracking. Plus, our advanced thin-film technology has inherent immunity to Light Induced Degradation (LiD) and Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID) c-Si failure modes.