A Statement from our CEO

First Solar unequivocally condemns the use of forced labor in China’s photovoltaic solar supply chain. We believe there should be no room for a solar panel where even a single component, no matter how small, is produced by a human being against their will. We also believe that this reflects a broader issue: that the over-reliance on China to supply cheap solar panels comes at a price that’s not always reflected on the bottom line. It’s a price that may include needing to look the other way on environmental and social costs that may not be obvious when those panels are installed in solar projects in the US. We call for the industry to do more than pay lip service to the issue because brushing it under the rug and continuing to advocate for Chinese solar companies to have unchallenged access to the US risks the inherent good that the solar industry delivers and its social license to operate. We need to ensure that in building back better, we build solar responsibly.

- Mark Widmar, Chief Executive Officer


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