The World’s Most Powerful Thin Film Module to Date

For 20+ years, First Solar has pushed the leading edge of PV thin film technology to boost efficiency and lower LCOE. Now, First Solar Series 6 CuRe modules, with optimized design and true semiconductor innovation, delivers the lowest warranted degradation rate and highest life-time energy for large-scale solar projects.

Highest Lifetime Energy

Series 6 CuRe modules deliver up to 4.5% more energy in year 1, and up to 10.5% more energy over their lifetime when compared to the leading bifacial c-Si modules.*

This significant lifetime energy advantage is achieved through true semi-conductor innovation and the unique properties of our thin film technology, including:


Lowest Warranted Degradation Rate

Series 6 CuRe modules boast the industry’s lowest warranted long-term degradation rate of 0.2%, ensuring the module will retain at least 92% of its original performance over its 30-year warranty period.

Temperature Coefficient  

Superior Temperature Coefficient & Spectral Response

Series 6 CuRe’s industry-leading temperature coefficient of -0.28%/⁰C delivers up to 4% more annual energy in hot climates, and its superior spectral response delivers up to 4% more annual energy in high humidity environments.

Shading Response  

Superior Shading Response

A distinct cell design renders Series 6 CuRe modules less sensitive to power loss from shading. With Series 6 CuRe, only the shaded area is impacted; typical silicon panels turn off disproportionately large portions of the panel (both shaded and non-shaded) due to their electrical design.

Immune to Cell Cracking  

Inherent Immunity to Cell-Cracking, LID and LeTID

Series 6 CuRe modules are durable with glass/glass construction and inherently immune to cell-cracking. This immunity is backed by the industry’s first and only product warranty specific to power loss from cell cracking. Plus, our advanced thin-film technology is inherently immune to Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID) failure modes that affect c-Si modules.


*Energy comparisons above based on project-specific factors.

Optimized Design to Enhance Your Bottom Line

Built on the proven Series 6 Plus platform, Series 6 CuRe modules are optimized to create more value for our customers, from manufacturing to shipping to installation.


Larger Form Factor  

Larger Form Factor

True semi-conductor advancements combined with a larger form factor, deliver more watts per install operation, increased installation velocity, and minimal impact to structure design.

Lower Install Costs  

Lower Installation Costs

Designed for quick and easy two-person installation. SpeedSlot mounting holes offer more mounting options to common fixed-tilt and tracking systems, minimizing onsite engineering, reducing material costs, and enabling the fastest installation time in the industry*.

Optimized Design  

Optimized Interior Array Design

Available in two product variants that are easily matched to structure zones.


Interior-Exterior Array


*Based on First Solar’s Series 6 solar modules installed on Array Technologies DuraTrack(R) HZ v3 single-axis solar tracker with RapidClamp™.

Industry-Leading Reliability

The Series 6 platform is one of the most rigorously tested, longest lasting platforms on the market. Series 6 CuRe’s lifetime energy advantage plus 30-year power output warranty mean more confidence in long-term energy yield and product durability.


Manufactured under one roof for a globally consistent, high-quality product


Top Performer in Industry-Leading Extended Durability Testing


30-Year Power Output Warranty

Industry’s Best Environmental Profile

First Solar is mindful of environmental impact. With the smallest CO2 footprint, lowest water usage, fastest energy payback (plus a first ever in-house recycling program), Series 6 CuRe modules are the industry’s most eco-efficient PV solution.


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