First Solar Energy Services Reaches 1 Million Hours Safety Milestone

by First Solar January 01, 0001

This July, First Solar Energy Services reached an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) milestone of 1 million hours worked without a recordable injury. The last recordable injury or lost-time injury occurred on July 10, 2013.

This is a significant milestone for the company as the Energy Services team has nearly 125 associates working across the globe in a variety of terrain and a wide range of environmental conditions.

This milestone is expected to be the first of many safety records. First Solar is committed to having a culture of safety that is built around proactively addressing potential dangers and delivering solid training.

“We begin team meetings with a safety discussion, and all associates receive regular and ongoing safety training relevant to their role and site activities,” said Frank Teofilo, Sr. Director, O&M APAC. “Visitors and contractors also go through safety and briefings and are carefully managed. The utmost goal is to keep everyone who is on the site safe at all times.”

 First Solar Energy Services has more than 5.4 GW in operation and more than 7.2GW contracted capacity around the world. It is recognized as an industry leading provider of O&M services for utility-scale plants by GTM Research. 

“Our people are our highest priority. We are more concerned with the behaviors that keep us safe than numbers,” said Troy Lauterbach, VP of First Solar Energy Services. “When we have a strong safety culture, then the numbers will come. "

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