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Operations and maintenance (O&M) is a key driver for power plants to deliver on their projected revenues. By leveraging our experience in plant optimization and advanced diagnostics, we have developed the most advanced O&M program in the industry. With more than 2GW (DC) of utility-scale PV plants under operation to date, we maintain a fleet average system availability that is well above the industry modeled standard of 98%. Our expert O&M staff ensure our power plants produce the energy predicted in their energy model, as demonstrated by our track record of averaging more than 100% of expected energy.

We partner with our customers to deliver the right combination of O&M services to match their capabilities and achieve their financial goals. Our products and services are engineered to maximize energy output and revenue for our customers while significantly reducing their unplanned maintenance costs. Plant owners benefit from predictable expenses over the life of the contract and reduced risk of energy loss.



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Our goal is to optimize our customers' power plants to produce the  maximum amount of energy production and thereby revenue under their PPA throughout its operational life. We have made significant investments in O&M technologies in order to develop and scale our create a scalable and sustainable O&M platform. Our O&M is compliant with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards and is designed to be scalable to accommodate the growing O&M needs of customers worldwide.

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