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  • First Solar PV Power Plants Help Protect Biodiversity while Generating Clean Electricity

    Posted 13 February 2014 12:25 PM by Karen Drozdiak

    Responsible land use and biodiversity protection are the cornerstone of one of First Solar’s core values: “Environmental Responsibility.” By building and operating environmentally friendly PV power plants, First Solar helps protect endangered animal and plant species while generating clean electricity that will contribute to the grid for 25 or more years.

  • MENA Solar Dispatch: The Middle East’s Solar Energy Sunrise

    Posted 30 October 2013 12:00 AM by Ahmed Nada

    Just a short drive away from Dubai’s awe-inspiring skyline, lies the first phase of the Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park: row-upon-row of black solar panels shimmers in the heat, a seemingly futuristic mirage in the desert. Born of a vision for a sustainable future, the plant’s 152,880 First Solar thin film modules work silently, using the photovoltaic (PV) effect to convert sunlight into electricity.

  • Sabertooth Cat Fossils Discovered on First Solar’s Desert Sunlight Project Site

    Posted 20 September 2013 7:00 PM by First Solar

    First Solar’s PV power projects provide broad-ranging benefits throughout their construction and operation. In addition to generating clean energy and creating local jobs, First Solar projects help protect biodiversity, preserve cultural heritage sites and contribute to rare paleontological discoveries.

  • European Solar Dispatch: Brimming with Potential

    Posted 27 August 2013 8:57 PM by Stefan Degener

    Even as the last containers were shipped from Munich, Germany, marking the end of InterSolar Europe, it was apparent that Europe remains upbeat. If the numbers are anything to go by - over 50,000 visitors, including a significant First Solar delegation, from 150 countries - the industry, and the region, continues to brim with potential.

  • Tracking Systems Help Boost the Eco-Efficiency of PV Power Plants

    Posted 26 June 2013 1:36 PM by First Solar

    Eco-efficiency is the concept of creating more value with less environmental impact. First Solar’s mission ‘to create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean and affordable solar electricity’ articulates the company’s commitment to eco-efficiency. By producing affordable PV power plants with proven energy yield advantages along with the smallest carbon footprint, lowest water use, and fastest energy payback time of all solar technologies, First Solar is leading the way with eco-efficient PV energy solutions.

  • Orbiting the Sun: ‘Australian Made’ Solar Projects Jump-Start Local Manufacturing Sector

    Posted 2 May 2013 11:47 AM by Matt Law

    First Solar sparks local supply chain employment through its Australian projects

    Renewable energy development is growing at impressive rates in Australia. In particular, if you’ve heard of Bill Bryson’s popular book, “In a Sunburned Country,” it’s no stretch to imagine the potential for solar generation in Australia. Solar energy is the most abundant of Australia’s natural resources, and should be playing a much larger role in Australia’s energy mix.

  • First Solar Celebrates its “Faces of Climate Change” on Earth Day

    Posted 22 April 2013 5:36 PM by Lettemieke Mulder

    For over 40 years, Earth Day – April 22nd – has inspired individuals and organizations to consider their environmental impact and commit to sustainability actions.

  • Pronghorn-Antelope

    Posted 29 March 2013 1:11 PM by Alan Bernheimer

    The same GPS technology that increasingly triangulates our lives is helping scientists study the pronghorn antelope that roam the Carrizo Plain near the 3,500-acre Topaz Solar Farms project, currently under construction in San Luis Obispo County, Calif. 

  • German Environmental Group Praises Municipal Utilities as the Pioneers of the German Energy Transition

    Posted 21 March 2013 6:34 PM by Lettemieke Mulder

    Local municipal utilities can play an important role in increasing solar PV’s share in the electricity mix. In Germany, local utilities are proving to be the engine behind the energy transition towards renewables.

  • The Tradition of Subsidies in US Energy Development and Infrastructure

    Posted 14 March 2013 1:06 PM by Ken Zweibel

    There is substantial historical precedent, even historical momentum, for subsidizing solar energy deployment. Not a single form of electricity generation – be it coal, oil, hydro, natural gas, or nuclear – failed to receive significant government support, especially during early deployment.

  • First Solar Investigates Water Footprint in IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics

    Posted 8 March 2013 12:18 PM by First Solar

    First Solar’s technical article titled “Life Cycle Water Usage in CdTe Photovoltaics” has been published in the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, a leading international scientific journal. The paper was written by First Solar’s Parikhit Sinha and Amy Meader along with SmartGreenScan’s Mariska de Wild-Scholten. The article documents First Solar’s water footprint over the life cycle of a cadmium telluride photovoltaics (CdTe PV) installation.

  • Desert Sunlight Fund Grants Help Revitalize Local Community

    Posted 15 February 2013 11:24 AM by Alan Bernheimer

    Although Interstate 10 passes right by Desert Center, population 200, most travelers do just that—pass by. But now, once again, outside forces are changing Desert Center. The area’s abundant sunshine and nearby transmission lines have attracted solar power project developers, including the 550-megawatt Desert Sunlight Solar Farm being built by First Solar.

  • Orbiting-Sun-CLP

    Posted 7 February 2013 4:25 PM by Tom Cheyney

    The sight of a massive, utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant under construction can be awe inspiring, with millions of shimmering glass panels lined up, row after row, across swaths of wide-open desert. While the clean technology on display may be visually dramatic and a testament to solar power’s coming of age, consider the personnel situation. The tradespeople and the professional and administrative staff hired to put these installations together are working on types of projects that have, until recently, never been built before.

  • Sustainability in Practice: Measuring, Communicating, and Reducing First Solar’s Carbon Footprint

    Posted 25 January 2013 4:47 PM by Lettemieke Mulder

    First Solar’s mission, business, and strategy focus on delivering clean and affordable electricity. As a leading renewable energy company, First Solar offers a significant response to climate change by providing power solutions that produce electricity with no air emissions, waste production, and minimal water use.  

  • First Solar Donates Panels to Kandahar University

    Posted 15 January 2013 4:00 PM by Alan Bernheimer

    First Solar has donated 130 kilowatts of its advanced thin-film photovoltaic solar panels to Kandahar University in Afghanistan to support the university's program of energy independence. Solar power will displace expensive diesel-fired generation for the campus.

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