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  • Solar Energy - The Economic Revolution

    Posted 3 February 2016 6:00 AM by First Solar CEO - Jim Hughes

    In just over a decade, solar energy has evolved from being relegated to highly specialized applications that justified the high cost, or heavily subsidized programs entirely dependent on continuing policy support from governments; to increasingly capturing a large share of the total power generation market on the strength of economics alone.

  • Solar Energy and the Future of Desalination

    Posted 27 January 2016 12:00 AM by Dr. Raed Bkayrat

    Consider this, 40% of the global population – approximately 2.8 billion people - is currently affected by water scarcity. In the future, we expect photovoltaic (PV) solar to shoulder the bulk of the desalination industry’s energy needs.  

  • Solar Is No Longer a Compromise

    Posted 8 January 2016 12:00 AM by Matt Merfert

    In diverse markets across the world, Solar PV energy has reached pricing competitive with fossil fuels. 

  • Community Development at First Solar

    Posted 8 January 2016 12:00 AM by First Solar

    From training women in India to successfully participate in the new regional economy to raising more than ever for U.S. charities, First Solar made an impact well beyond the solar plant. 

  • Enel, Powerhive Partner on Landmark Rural Electrification Project

    Posted 17 December 2015 2:00 AM by Marc Van Gerven

    Deal validates commercially viable minigrid business model. Portfolio of projects brings electricity to 100 Kenyan Villages

  • First Solar #1 in O&M

    Posted 23 November 2015 12:00 AM by Heather Tweedy

    First Solar once again came out on top as the largest operations and maintenance (O&M) provider globally and in the United States, according to GTM Research’s 2015 report, “Megawatt-Scale PV O&M and Asset Management.”

  • First Solar Brings Power to Three Military Bases

    Posted 10 November 2015 12:00 AM by Heather Tweedy

    Early in his presidency, US President Barack Obama made a commitment to significantly increase renewable energy used and created on military installations by 2020. First Solar recently signed an agreement to help military bases live up to this commitment 

  • Solar for Everyone

    Posted 5 November 2015 2:00 AM by Marc Van Gerven

    Why community solar is good business for utilities and a great choice for electricity customers – in the US and beyond

  • Solar Grid Integration Increases Grid Stability

    Posted 22 October 2015 12:00 AM by First Solar

    When integrated into the grid, solar photovoltaic energy can be an important component to maintaining grid stability. Agua Caliente, a photovoltaic (PV) solar plant capable of generating 290 MW, is connected to the grid via the 500 kw Palo Verde Hassayampa transmission line in California.

  • Solar as a Mainstream Energy Source

    Posted 6 October 2015 2:06 PM by First Solar

    Technology advancements in solar photovoltaic energy have resulted in higher efficiencies and lower costs, making solar energy a competitive alternative to traditional energy sources.

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