Project Overview

The Manildra Solar Farm will occupy 120 Ha of land approximately 1 km east of Manildra in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The project will further diversify NSW’s energy portfolio and create a number of jobs at construction peak. The 48.5MW project will be powered by more than 466,000 First Solar advanced thin film PV modules, producing enough solar energy to power 14,000 homes and displace the equivalent of more than 91,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

In addition to supplying the solar modules for this project, First Solar is providing Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance services.


Project Benefits

Enough to power 14,000 average homes

  • Displaces 91,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually—equivalent to taking 24,000 cars off the road
  • Lowest environmental impact of any PV technology
  • No water used for electricity generation
  • Significant economic and environmental benefits for regional NSW


Environmental Benefits

First Solar is committed to the communities in which it operates and will strive to minimise environmental impact while maximising clean energy output. When in operation, our systems generate electricity with no water use, no air emissions, and no waste production, with the smallest carbon footprint of any PV technology available.


Project Status

The Manildra Solar Farm supports Australia in its efforts toward providing 23.5 per cent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020, while further establishing regional NSW as a leader in renewable energy. The development of the Manildra Solar Farm is on track and construction is scheduled to commence in the first half of 2017.

In November, the Manildra Solar Farm has commenced with all aspects of plant construction including post, tracker and PV module installation .  Bulk earthworks and internal roads are progressing well and civil works are on target for completion early 2018.  November saw completion of the Packham Drive upgrade works with safe delivery of bulk project materials to the site increased in frequency as the project materials arrive in country.


Upgrade works to the Manildra Zone Substation are progressing to schedule with the substation ready to receive the solar farm feeders before the end of the year.  The first major components are scheduled to arrive mid December, with the installation of the Operations and Maintenance Building and the PVIS building housing the switchgear to follow.


The application for Community Fund to support location initiatives was rolled out in November and evaluations are in progress.



Single-Axis Tracking


Energy Australia


First Solar


First Solar


RCR O'Donnell Griffin Pty ltd

Number Of Modules:


Estimated Annual Energy Output:

120,000,000 kWh

Global Horizontal Irradiance:

1903 kWh/m2

Project Status:


  • 48.5 MWProject Size
  • 91,000Tons C02 Displaced Annually
  • 14,000Homes Powered
  • 24,000Cars Removed