Higher Energy Yield. Lower LCOE. Superior Return.

First Solar’s Series 6 PV module sets a new industry benchmark for reliability, design and environmental performance while generating more energy per module than competing technologies.

Innovative Module Design

Setting a new benchmark for the Solar PV industry


  • Optimal Form Factor: 420+ Watts per module means more watts per connection and lift, lowering Structure and Labor costs. 
  • Extensive Compatibility: Module design provides seamless mounting with common fixed-tilt and tracking applications
  • Stable, Robust Packaging: Unique frame design allows for nested stacking maximizing shipping and handling efficiencies
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Reliable Performance

Based on First Solar’s proven CdTe technology, Series 6 retains all of the performance and reliability advantages, featuring premium components and globally consistent high-quality manufacture.

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End-to-End Manufacturing

The Series 6 module is the next-generation technology built on First Solar's unique manufacturing process that ensures unparalleled quality control for every component of the module.


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