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First Solar Publishes Inaugural Sustainability Report

By First Solar March 14, 2016

 Greenough River Australia

First Solar advanced PV modules generates enough electricity to power 5 million homes based on worldwide averages. – the 2016 First Solar Sustainability Report.

For the first time, First Solar is providing a look at how we are fulfilling our mission to create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean, affordable and reliable solar energy while delivering on the “triple bottom line” of people, planet and profit. This week, we published our 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report, which showcases the company’s commitment to drive down the cost of solar electricity by providing the industry’s leading eco-efficient photovoltaic (PV) solutions through implementation of sustainable business practices and its leadership in PV module manufacturing, recycling and responsible PV power plant construction.

First Solar’s utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) power plants have consistently led the way in driving down the cost and improving the reliability of solar electricity, cementing PV as a valued component of the global generation portfolio.  In addition, we deliver the industry’s leading eco-efficient PV technology with a superior energy yield, competitive cost and smallest environmental impact on a life cycle basis. First Solar does all of this while applying sustainable business practices through our leadership in PV module recycling and responsible PV power plant construction.
Highlights of the 2015 Sustainability Report include:
2016 Sustainability Report

  • How we deliver the leading eco-efficient PV technology with a superior energy yield, competitive cost and smallest environmental impacts on a life cycle basis

  • How world-class PV module manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Malaysia and award-winning PV power plants that generate clean electricity for 25+ years, create local jobs can contribute to biodiversity protection

  • How globally available PV recycling services that recover over 90 percent of the semiconductor material for reuse in new modules and 90 percent of the glass for reuse in new glass products are the new  industry standard

  • Why minimizing the company’s environmental impact through increased module and manufacturing throughput efficiency, conservation projects and on-site PV installations is important and achievable

Examples of how we support local communities and work with NGOs through First Solar’s Global Charitable Giving Program

“At First Solar we are proud of the steps we have taken to improve the environmental profile of our products and operations while contributing to communities where we live and work,” said Alex Heard, VP of Global Technical Services. “By continuously driving down the cost of solar electricity and providing a solution that addresses energy security and water scarcity, we are delivering on our commitment to build a more sustainable energy future for everyone.”

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