Integrity is expected by associates, customers, shareholders and governing agencies. When ethical boundaries are crossed, the effects are real. First Solar is committed to the highest possible standards and has established the Ethics Hotline (formerly Whistleblower Hotline) to provide associates an anonymous and confidential solution to communicate serious legal, financial and ethical concerns.

The Ethics Hotline ensures that serious concerns are heard and are acted upon immediately. The Ethics Hotline is anonymous and no retribution will be imposed for submissions delivered in good faith.

Ethics Hotline claims will be delivered by an independent third-party company that ensures anonymity by altering voice distinctions and using a secure internet-based form. To remain anonymous, associates should refrain from using their names in their messages.

Please note that some concerns are not appropriate for the Ethics Hotline. For issues such as payroll disputes or co-worker conflicts, please refer to your supervisor, a human resources representative or the Employee Assistance Program.

The Ethics Hotline is easy to use and can be accessed one of two ways:

1. Phone:




Germany 1-866-569-1857 German

India 8004420016 English – Connects with US number.
Japan 531122810
English – Connects with US number.
Malaysia 1-800-81-4313 Malay
English – Connects with US number.

2. Web form: