First Solar TetraSun™ Module

Unprecedented Performance in Restricted Spaces and Distributed Generation

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The First Solar TetraSun™ Module is designed for applications where space is at a premium or customers prefer a high-power density solution. With a proprietary cell architecture and manufacturing process, our crystalline modules offer one of the industry’s highest power ratings and lowest temperature coefficients, resulting in superior energy density in space-constrained installations. With lower installation costs, faster installation times, and greater system revenues, our crystalline modules will deliver unparalleled value for our customers. Production of First Solar’s TetraSun modules will ramp in the second half of 2014.

Proprietary cell enables efficiencies over 21% and module designs with superior power density compared to standard crystalline silicon

Streamlined manufacturing process versus other approaches to high-efficiency reduces complexity and improves product consistency and performance

  • Manufactured using high-purity, large form factor (156mm) n-type wafers with higher efficiencies than p-type mono-crystalline  cells due to a higher minority carrier lifetime
  • 156mm wafers provide more active cell area per module and increased power output than standard 125mm wafers
  • Metallization process utilizes less than 50μ narrow copper electrodes with superior conductivity and less resistive losses than industry-standard, screen-printed silver fingers
  • Copper-plated metallization induces minimal stress on wafers, improving mechanical yield and reliability

Superior energy harvest compared to standard crystalline silicon technologies

  • Lower temperature coefficient (-0.3%/ °C) results in superior energy production compared to standard crystalline technologies (typical -0.45%/°C)
  • No light-induced degradation
  • No potential-induced degradation

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