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First Solar has strategically invested in O&M in order to develop an industry-leading centralized operations center where we currently operate and maintain more than 20 utility-scale PV plants with a total generation capacity of more than 2GW (DC). The First Solar Operations Center combines our power prediction and analytical capabilities with our advanced diagnostics and plant controls in order to maximize energy output and minimize maintenance costs for our customers.

Operations Center

  • Centralized monitoring and control of utility-scale PV plants
  • Regulatory and contractual obligation management and adherence
  • Energy and availability forecast verification and manual backup
  • Operation of plant control systems to maintain reliability of the bulk electrical system
  • Proactive analysis for early identification and diagnosis of issues
  • Customer notifications and reporting
  • NERC registered GOP (Generator Operator)

Phone CallFrom our proprietary FleetView™ Dashboard, our operators can see the performance of the entire fleet as well as each plant. Audible alarms trigger in-depth analysis and timely resolution via automated alerts, notifications and work order creation. Our expert performance engineers have developed robust proactive analysis capabilities through years of experience identifying and correcting issues to maximize plant output for our customers.

FleetView™ Main Dashboard Features:

  • Fleet details
  • Key metrics for each plant with audible alarm triggers
  • Operator logs for each plant
  • Forecasting dashboard and weather map
  • SCADA system with Smart Grid Interface (SGI)
With our proprietary Plant Control System and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, our operators remotely monitor and control our customers’ PV plants. Active power and ramp rates, reactive power, voltage and frequency can all be controlled remotely—just like with conventional generation plants.


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