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Modules Plus

Optimized Efficiency Delivers Bankable Value

Streamline Your Installation. Mitigate Your Risk. Maximize Return.

With Modules Plus, First Solar has further enhanced the performance of our industry-leading photovoltaic (PV) solutions by improving the process of configuring, purchasing and installing an integrated module and mounting system. Modules Plus features the reliability of our advanced thin film PV modules, paired with a range of specially-designed mounting systems that are optimized for accelerated installation and maximum energy return.

  • Optimizes PV module performance
  • Accelerated installation
  • Streamlined processes, risks and warranty management with single-source supply chain
  • Simplified logistics
  • Backed by an exceptional module warranty (25-year output/10-year limited materials and workmanship)
  • Reduced operations and maintenance expenses

  • First Solar advanced thin film modules
  • First Solar mounting solutions (tracker or fixed tilt)
  • Component warranty

First Solar Can Maximize Your PV Module Performance in Four Simple Steps:

Step 1: Assessment
First Solar assesses your project needs to understand your financial, technical and operation goals. 

Step 2: Configuration
We recommend a proven mounting system for your installation producing an optimized energy return.

Step 3: Sourcing 
First Solar will then leverage our global supplier network to streamline project logistics and minimize risks through a shorter supply chain.

Step 4: Installation
Modules Plus is designed to shorten installation while working within local labor requirements for the fastest possible speed to energy generation.

Leading Technology. Model Efficiency. Performance Security.

When it comes to optimized performance, Modules Plus is an investment that delivers true bankable value by delivering more energy without the risks of multisource work-arounds. Let us show you how the Modules Plus System will perform as a model of efficiency to meet your project goals.